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Young Ambassador

Winner of the 2015 BASF Young Ambassador Award – Lee Griffith 

My name is Lee Griffith, I’m an Instrumentation Engineer at BASF and I am very proud to be the CIA’s Young Ambassador for 2015.  Two weeks after my sixteenth birthday I started my career in the chemical Industry with an advanced modern apprenticeship.  At this young age I was fortunate to be given on the job mentoring, working on state of the art machinery and equipment on a modern chemical plant.   I also had the opportunity to develop educationally and gained essential skills that I still use every day, both in and outside of work!

For the last six years, following my apprenticeship I have developed a career as a professional engineer at BASF.  This has involved technical development, designing and commissioning new technologies and managing teams to deliver multi-million pound improvements to the chemical plants.  During this period I have also gained an honours degree in engineering through the Open University.  Whilst gaining this experience, on the job training at BASF has been invaluable with mentoring from my colleagues helping to improve my competencies as a professional. BASF is also helping me towards professional registration.

Of course, as a bias engineer I would say that engineering is one of the key foundations upon which the chemical industry is built, however at a chemical company the team is very diverse and made up of many different departments including production, sales, engineering, research, logistics, procurement and many more!

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