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Winner of the 2016 BASF Young Ambassador Award – Stefano Ceci 

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My Name is Stefano Ceci and I am honoured to be the CIA’s Young Ambassador for the coming year! As Young Ambassador I will be representing the views of early careerists to industry figures and government, in addition to my job as an engineer for Johnson Matthey. There were some great candidates for this award so I hope to do them justice during the year. Many people engage with activities outside of their core job role to promote the industry (e.g. mentoring or STEM initiatives) and the ambassador’s role is a salute to their fantastic work!

My story is simple - I headed off to university after A-Levels to complete a degree in chemical engineering, and then landed a job with speciality chemicals leader Johnson Matthey, where I’m based at their sunny Billingham site in Teesside! I’ve completed many job roles on Johnson Matthey’s graduate development programme to give me a broad range of engineering competence. It’s an interesting technology company at heart; most of our products have a beneficial impact on the environment, natural resource use or human health. For example our car auto-catalysts arguably prevent a number of health problems by cleaning up car exhaust emissions.

Of course, as a bias engineer I would say that engineering is one of the key foundations upon which the chemical industry is built, however at a chemical company the team is very diverse and made up of many different departments including production, sales, engineering, research, logistics, procurement and many more!

I’m really keen to work with the CIA to build on previous ambassadors’ achievements and I hope to deliver for the people I represent; the future of the industry. If you are in the early years of your working life in the chemicals industry, please get in touch via the “Future Forum” network. The aim is to provide a voice for people at the start of their careers in the industry.