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Welcome to the website for the Chemical Sector Climate Change Agreement

CIABATA is the subsidiary company of the Chemical Industries Association, which manages and administers the chemical sector climate change agreement (CCA) with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Environment Agency (EA) on behalf of participating members.

Participants in the CCAs qualify for relief from the Climate Change Levy, a tax on the business use of energy, in exchange for committing to challenging energy targets up to 2020.

CIABATA’s role as CCA sector manager is to support members’ participation in the CCAs and to represent them in interactions with DECC, who set CCA policy, and EA who are the scheme Administrator.

The chemical sector has a good track record for improving its energy efficiency:

  • Under the chemical sector CCA it improved its energy efficiency by 20% between 1998 and 2010.

  • Under the New CCAs the sector has committed to an 11% improvement between 2008-2020. The new target takes account of the diminishing potential for cost-effective improvement.

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Updates to action checklist for CCA participants
We have updated the action check-list on the CIABATA website. The updates include actions related to notification of 2013/14 target period reporting errors and 2015/16 formal compliance reporting.
Budget 2016: CCAs to continue, CRC tax to be included in CCL rates from 2019
In Budget 2016 the Chancellor confirmed that the Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) will continue for their current term. The value of CCL relief will also as much as double from 1 April 2019 because the CRC tax will then be incorporated into CCL rates.
Climate Change Agremeents - Environment Agency publishes results for 2013-14 target period
The Environment Agency (EA) has published the CCA results for the 2013-14 target period in a “Biennial Progress Report”. Results are shown at sector level as well as target unit level (though it is at target unit level that compliance is assessed).
Climate Change Agreements Workshop 31 January 2017 in Leeds
In advance of the formal reporting for target period 2 we are holding a CCA workshop in Leeds on 31 January 2017. This event is aimed at CIA and CIABATA members who are responsible for supporting the administration or management or Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) within their company. Attendance will particularly benefit those who have recently taken on CCA responsibilities but could also provide a valuable update to those who have held this responsibility for some time.