About us

The Chemical Industries Association is the organisation representing and advising chemical and pharmaceutical companies located across the UK. Our core membership is a diverse mix of chemical and pharmaceutical companies operating within the UK.

Our representation includes lobbying legislators, policy-makers and stakeholders on the issues that affect our member companies the most. We do this at UK, European and international level.

We provide advice and guidance to our member companies by:

  • Reporting on policy developments
  • Providing business support
  • Technical application of legal requirements
  • Sharing good practice

We cover eight policy areas:

  • Climate change
  • Energy
  • Health & safety
  • Employment
  • Trade
  • Environment
  • Chemicals management
  • Economic growth

Our member companies decide on our policy and approach through our committees, led by our President Tom Crotty (Director of INEOS) and our Board. 

Our staff members are based in Westminster, with some working from home in different parts of the UK. Our Chief Executive is Steve Elliott.

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About CIA

About CIA

The CIA is the organisation that represents chemical and pharmaceutical businesses throughout the UK.

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Join the CIA

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Associate Members

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