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Young Ambassador Award

Each year an industry employee in the early stages of their career is crowned ‘Young Ambassador’. The Young Ambassador Award recognises an outstanding young individual, who is demonstrating communication skills and leadership associated with the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and contributing to its success.

Young Ambassadors are responsible for leading ChemTalent for their ‘year in office’.


Meet Hallam Wheatley, the winner of the 2019/21 Young Ambassador Award

             Having been working in the Chemical industry for 8 years, I have always had a great passion for chemistry. This devotion has seen me try and encourage people young and old to understand more about what chemistry is, and what the chemical industry can offer to everyone! 

Over the next year, I will be working as the Young Ambassador for the CIA and thus leading ChemTalent. Throughout the year, I intend to work on helping the CIA to grow the ChemTalent community and let early careerists have a voice in the industry.

I want to build up a resource to help ChemTalent members old and new alike. I want to make the ChemTalent something that people want to join for real opportunities to develop and network.

I am looking forward to the year ahead and would welcome any suggestions over the coming year.

Hallam Wheatley, SABIC

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