Young ambassador

Young Ambassador Award

Each year an industry employee in the early stages of their career is crowned ‘Young Ambassador’. The Young Ambassador Award recognises an outstanding young individual, who is demonstrating communication skills and leadership associated with the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and contributing to its success.

Young Ambassadors are responsible for leading ChemTalent for their ‘year in office’.

Meet Sarah Davidson, the winner of the 2021/22 Young Ambassador Award

Sarah loved chemistry from a relatively young age, deciding at 16 years old that this was the subject she wanted to pursue. She started off by studying for her Master’s in Chemistry at the University of Sheffield, graduating in 2018. One of the things that inspired her most during the degree was a module she took in her first year, titled, “Chemistry in the World Around us”. This module aimed to present examples of the theory that had been taught in other lectures and how it comes to play in the real world. This was an amazing introduction to the possibilities that can come with studying chemistry and the broad applicability of the subject within different industries.

After graduating Sarah has kept in contact with the university and has gone back on several occasions to talk to current students about what it is like to work in the chemical industry and the prospects that come with it. She really enjoys sharing her experience and hearing the views of current undergraduates on important topics such as sustainability, and diversity and inclusion. This is something she would like to continue to do as CIA Young Ambassador and calls on others to share their experiences in the industry too.


Sarah began her career in the chemical industry by securing a place on Croda’s Graduate Development Programme. She was really excited to build on the skills she had gained during her degree to benefit the chemical industry. Whilst at Croda, Sarah has taken part in Croda’s Science for Schools initiative, where she has visited local schools and shared her passion for science in fun, educational (and often messy) activities. Sarah would love to work with ChemTalent to create more activities which explain what climate change is; and showcase how the chemical industry is working to address the challenges we face as a result.

Sustainability, and diversity and inclusion (D&I), are two of the major issues that Sarah sees the industry facing and are things she tackles in her day-to-day life and in her current role at Croda as Group Sustainability Coordinator for Global R&D. Most recently she has set up a UK diversity and inclusion sub-committee to help educate colleagues and raise awareness of D&I. She is eager to understand what the rest of the industry is doing to promote diversity and inclusion and share best practises. One of the things Sarah enjoys most is talking to people about sustainability, sharing her passion and allowing her own ideas to be challenged. As CIA Young Ambassador, Sarah wants to continue talking about sustainability and make sure that it is always on the agenda.

Over the next 12 months, Sarah would like to continue to promote the role the chemical industry will play in combatting some of the biggest challenges the world faces. 

ChemTalent Young ambassador