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Member companies of the Chemical Industries Association have come together in stating their collective ambition to halve CO2 emissions by 2034 and further reduce them by 90% by 2050. 

As identified by the Government’s Climate Change Committee’s recent analysis, the majority (~80%) of the chemical industry’s direct emission reductions will require sufficient access to hydrogen, carbon capture and storage and clean electricity.  Complementary actions such as building on the sector’s energy efficiency progress, enabling circularity and embracing all other possible adaptation measures, will continue to play their significant parts in the collective effort needed in mitigating climate change.

Commenting on the joint work, Steve Elliott, Chief Executive of the Association said: “This collective ambition by our member companies is another positive demonstration of the chemical industry’s desire to support the fight against climate change. It is a fight that cannot be won without our products and solutions. But we can do even more and do it quicker for the country if the Government were to further increase its level of support and deliver a more business-friendly policy environment. That should start now with a green light for all UK regional cluster carbon capture projects and taking a fresh look at the nation’s energy policy which continues to disadvantage the very industries that are essential in delivering on both levelling up and net zero”.  




For more information please contact Simon Marsh at [email protected] or 07951 389197.

  • The UK chemicals sector has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by over 80% since 1990.
  • For every 1 tonne of CO2 we emit directly, the products and technologies we provide to customers enable a saving of 2.5 tonnes.
  • Chemical products and solutions are integral to ~96% of all manufactured goods. 
  • The Climate Change Committee’s 6th Carbon budget balanced pathway illustrates a ~50% emission reduction pathway by 2034 for the sector.
  • The Climate Change Committee’s 6th Carbon budget balanced pathway illustrates ~90% reduction by 2050 with 10% residual emissions current pathways are unable to remove.
  • We are taking 2018 as the base year for this future ambition.

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