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For chemicals policy, distribution and logistics related enquiries, please contact:

Nishma Patel 

[email protected]

For occupational health, please contact:

Roger Pullin 

[email protected]

For safety, please contact:

Phil Scott

[email protected]

Be part of it 

Members are invited to get involved with various health and safety strategy groups, networks and issue teams, which include:

  • Health and Wellbeing Leadership
  • Process Safety
  • Transport and Logistics

For further information, or to express an interest in joining, please contact one of the team above.

Health Leadership & Wellbeing Strategy Series

The following guides are free to download for members or can be purchased publicly at our online store:

Healthy Workplaces

CIA has a dedicated Health Leadership Strategy informed by member companies. You can become part of this when you join, participate in discussions relevant to your business and network at our health leadership conference. Together with our members, CIA helps develop leading signpost guides on complex issues, examples being Drug and Alcohol policy development and Mental Health & Mental Well-being policy. CIA’s objective on workplace health is to help members achieve sustainable healthy workplaces.”


Accidents and incidents can harm our people and the environment, damage reputation, and attract attention from the regulators.They also cost chemical businesses MONEY. Membership of CIA can help you manage performance and avoid these consequences - we have a proven track record of reducing the likelihood of incidents and other compliance failures at member sites, improving safety performance, meeting legal compliance, and managing continuous improvement through our Responsible Care® programme. CIA’s team of experts provides advice and guidance on process safety, Human Factors, occupational injury common issues, and awareness of Health and Safety Executive’s priorities and expectations for your sites. Through the various Network meetings that CIA leads we provide a forum for members to help each other improve performance and avoid costs through Best Practice sharing, and benchmarking of performance against peers. More on Responsible Care® here


Our Positions

Our public policy issues that relate to the work of chemicals businesses. We give a description of what each issue is, any legislative agenda, what we as an industry are doing about it and what we want others to do. We aim to examine the ways in which these policies can meet the needs of the UK and help chemical businesses. 

Safety and Security

Workplace Health


Our Publications


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External references

Management of change

This Knowledge Exchange note has been produced by the Process Safety Forum (PSF), of which CIA is a founding member. It is shared in order to promote learning and to improve safety. CIA helped develop it and made input to its content, and endorses it as representing good practice in Management of Change as a key aspect of managing Process Safety.