Sustainability - Our contribution

Our contribution

The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the UK’s top manufacturing exporters. The sector adds over £14 billion of value to the economy, on sales of £40 billion and is responsible for around half a million direct and indirect jobs.

We are trade intensive and, with 70% of operations headquartered from overseas, we compete with global production locations for mobile investment capital.

The industry:

  • Spends £4.4 billion each year on investment in buildings, vehicles and machinery
  • Invests almost £5 billion each year on research and development
  • Manufactures products and technologies that are delivering a green economy, including delivering twice the carbon saving for society compared to what we use
  • Has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 70% over the past 20 years
  • Employs 140,000 people directly and supports a total of 500,000 indirect jobs
  • Has a large number of jobs in the north of England and Scotland 
  • Pays employees 30% more than the average manufacturing worker
  • Improved its productivity by 10% between 2008 and 2014

 But that's only part of the story...

Figures correct as at February 2017

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Sustainability - Our contribution