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Providing solutions

Providing solutions

Our members' experts, engineers, and leaders are uniquely placed to tackle societies most pressing challenges.  In 2015, these global challenges were framed in the common and comprehensive language of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, accompanied by 169 targets and some 230 indicators.  Many of our companies are addressing the SDGs by mapping the goals against their activities and integrating them into company sustainability strategies.  That said, achieving the goals will require ownership from every part of society.

Sustainable development goals

Source: The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

CIA is a member of Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council.  More information regarding the Sustainable Development Goals can be found on Cefic's Chemistry CAN website. The Chemistry CAN initiative is based around four elements:

  1. Create a low-carbon economy
  2. Conserve resources through efficiency
  3. Connect a circular economy
  4. Care for people and our planet

The chemical industry is proud to have piloted the WBCSD's project to be the first sector to produce a roadmap towards meeting the UN SDGs.

Access the WBCSD Chemicals Sector SDG Roadmap here


Solutions for our Future

We have partnered with ITN Productions to produce ‘Solutions for our Future,’ a news and current affairs-style programme reporting on the importance of the chemical industry. Part 2 of the programme explores Sustainability and the future of the sector, from tackling plastic pollution to building the workforce of tomorrow.

Watch Solutions for Our Future - Part 2: Sustainability here