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Maintenance for Reliability is different from asset integrity. The latter is about preventing a loss of containment or preventing uncontrolled releases of energy that could lead to a major accident hazard. Maintenance for reliability is about ensuring the plant operates when called upon to produce product. So, while not as critical for process safety, it is nevertheless important to the survival of a business to have reliable processes and equipment. However, the safety drivers in our industry often push reliability into the background where it is unloved and overlooked.

Too often intuition and gut feel is used to come up with maintenance policies for items of plant. As was discovered by Nowlan and Heap in their seminal work on maintenance theory, intuition gets it wrong, leading to the introduction of tasks that actually reduce the reliability instead of increasing it. Without an understanding of failure patterns and maintenance theory, efforts to improve reliability can result in minimal benefit, or even worsening performance.

This one-day course will begin with the fundamentals of maintenance – what is the objective? – and build from that point to look at a range of topics relevant to Maintenance Management (including maintenance theory) to support improving plant reliability and performance.

The course will be delivered in the context of maintenance in the Process Industries, drawing on specific case studies and industry specific experience.

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Maintenance Management is a distinct and specialised engineering discipline often overlooked or ignored but is critical for the efficient and productive operation of any facility. This course is an introduction to maintenance approaches and theories which will equip the delegate to take a fresh look at the performance of the maintenance engineering department.

This may include:

  • Senior Engineering Managers
  • Departmental managers with maintenance responsibilities
  • Engineers and Section Engineers charged with maintaining plant and equipment
  • Engineering planners
  • Engineering first line supervisors

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