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To understand and relate to what is happening one has to observe first-hand. Gemba walks are a way to systemise the process of observing, but it takes skill and knowledge to ask the right questions, to look in the right places, to know and interpret what is being seen. Just chatting with operators is not sufficient.

This course will begin with some fundamental Lean principles of the definitions of Work and the 7 Wastes, giving a framework for observations, and builds upon this to explore the symptoms of the 7 Wastes so that when operations are observed the issues are seen.


Asking the right questions is equally important. If done well, issues are found early and nipped in the bud. A team will feel listened to and empowered. Leadership will be accessible, improving communications and staff morale. Standards are checked and reinforced, improving safety and efficiency. Business systems are adhered too, reducing risk.

This course provides delegates with the knowledge of how to enquire, observe, interpret and communicate findings, and how to action issues to improve the business. Case studies and examples are used to illustrate scenarios.

Operating companies only.
£40 discount for 2nd and subsequent delegates applied at checkout, if booked at same time 

People who will benefit from this course will include:

  • Executive leaders
  • Site managers
  • Line managers, eg, Production/ Operations
  • Supervisors
  • Continuous Improvement/ Business Improvement personnel

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