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Human Reliability Analysis - Reducing Human Failure in Operations and Maintenance for Safety Critical Tasks


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This course will introduce the concepts and methodology of Human Reliability Analysis as it is applied to safety critical tasks – those tasks associated with a site’s major accident hazard where any error in the execution of the task may lead to an erosion of layers of protection, the defeating of layers of protection, or even exposure to a major accident hazard.

A taxonomy for human failure will be covered. Against each category the course will discuss what may make the failure more or less likely – the performance influencing factors, and hence what actions may be required to reduce the probability of a failure in the future, so increasing the site’s process safety performance.

Candidates will be provided with assessment templates that may be used in their own organisations.

By the end of the course, candidates will be able to undertake simple HRAs, or to usefully contribute to more complex HRAs led by a Human Factors practitioner.

The course will be delivered in the context of the Process Industries, drawing on relevant case studies and industry specific experience.

£40 discount for 2 or more delegates booked at the same time

Manufacturing, distribution and storage companies only.

This course is targeted at personnel wanting to know more about the topic, including those charged with ensuring Human Reliability Analysis is conducted at their site, those who wish to lead simple HRAs, team members who participate in HRAs, and personnel who commission and procure HRAs for their site.

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