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The word chemicals is not often associated with a green agenda. The irony, is that it cannot be achieved without chemicals and the chemical industry. Moreover, chemical businesses throughout the UK are full of people who want to play their part in achieving and even surpassing the country’s net zero ambition by 2050.

The publication I was proud to launch in recent weeks 'Accelerating Britain's Net Zero Economy' sets out the key measures and decisive actions we believe are needed to successfully play our part in combating climate change. What’s more, it is yet another example of the crucial role of UK chemical businesses in tackling the big economic, social and environmental challenges we face as a country and as a society.

Our carbon reducing solutions - which we need and I hope will be matched by a supportive policy framework and related investment in infrastructure - shows how the UK chemical industry really is the essential partner in delivering net zero 2050.

Steve Elliott, CIA Chief Executive