Using AI for Regulatory Compliance in association with the Hartree Centre


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8.30am - 10.30am

This workshop focuses on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science can help the chemical industry with their regulatory responsibilities. The event will share established tools and techniques across a number of key tasks.  These include building systems that learn to extract information from regulatory documents and modelling regulations and directives for health & safety compliance and other complex tasks. 
Example applications:

  • Legal compliance with specific business practices

  • Analysis of existing documents to check compliance with new regulations or legislation within a sector i.e. new health & safety rules from REACH

As experts in data science and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, we are experienced in combining techniques such as machine learning, natural language processing and knowledge engineering technologies to draw insights from all forms of structured and unstructured data sets of all sizes. This could be images, documents, databases, social media feeds, websites and more.

Free of charge to attend. Breakfast will be included in this event.

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STFC Hartree Centre,
Daresbury Laboratory,

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