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Regulation and trade updates - 17th January


Event details

Regulation and trade updates 
17th January 2024 - Daresbury

10.30am - 12.30pm including lunch.

Our first speaker will be Paul Wright, European Industry Business Sector Leader from SLR who will be giving an update on, if you operate an installation under an Environmental Permit, be aware that you need to include Climate Change Adaptation Planning and Risk Assessment into your management system:
Immediately if your permit was issued on or after 1 April 2023; and
By 1 April 2024 if your permit was issued before April 2023.
It is important you consider if a changing climate could affect your operations, including how this might affect your ability to comply with your permit.

Our second speaker will be Ian Cranshaw from the Chemical Industries Association and Chemicals Northwest. Ian will update the group on Free Trade Agreements, CIA Trade Activity for 2024, and possibly Borders/customs updates if time allows. 

Our next speaker will be Silvia Segna from the Chemical Industries Association who will join us online and will be giving an update on UK REACH policy and any other updates from Government. 

Further speakers to be confirmed. 
The event will be a round table session with time for questions and discussion and a working lunch will be provided. Members of Chemicals Northwest only, free of charge to attend.

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