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Chemicals Northwest 7th March 2024 breakfast networking at Catalyst Science Discovery Centre & Museum


Event details

7th March – Catalyst Science Discovery Centre & Museum

8.30am - breakfast and networking

9.00am - 10.00am presentations and networking.

Our first presenter will be Nikki Burton, CEO, of Catalyst who will give an overview of the work of Catalyst. Catalyst is the only Science Discovery Centre in the UK that explores the science and technology behind the chemical industry/chemically derived materials and its impact on our lives past, present and future.  Nikki will explain how Catalyst inspires and educates the scientists of tomorrow and raises the scientific understanding of the public in general, through our unique offerings and hands-on experiences.  She will illustrate how we engage with the local community to support mental wellbeing.  There are numerous opportunities to get involved and support your STEM outreach through Catalyst, and Nikki will outline some of these.

Atlas Copco Specialty Rental UK is a leading provider of temporary compressed air, power, industrial steam and nitrogen. The company provides cost-effective and energy efficient rental solutions for long and short-term demands, planned maintenance or unexpected emergencies. Sales Engineer, Ged Moran, will introduce the company and share valuable insight into the true cost of ownership vs usership. This will also cover the many benefits of renting, from financial advantages through to operational versatility and reduced downtime.

Our third presenter will be Dr Mike Kenny, Business Development Manager at AM Technology. 
AM Technology are experts in continuous manufacturing solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries with their patented Coflore flow reactor technology suitable for a wide range of chemical processes, including multiphasic reactions with slurries, from grams to kilotons.

Stephen Slater will give an overview on The GM Innovation Ecosystem programme exists to unblock barriers to Research & Development and connect businesses to the appropriate solution(s) to accelerate time to market. With a focus on enabling and supporting emerging technologies in the following areas –Sustainable Advanced Materials, Diagnostics & Genomics and AI, Data & Advanced Computing. It provides the opportunity to collaborate with the GM/UK research base to access research, knowledge transfer, expertise and facilities to commercialise innovation. There is the opportunity to apply for innovation grant funding (capital and revenue) to accelerate route to market and commercialisation.

Tour - A short tour of Catalyst will be available that builds on Nikki’s talk - an opportunity to see the various activities we offer, including our hands-on lab and interactive gallery.  The tour will include an outline of our exciting plans to revitalise our heritage museum and offerings.

Members and non-members of Chemicals Northwest welcome. Free of charge to attend.

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Event location

Catalyst Science Discovery Centre,
Mersey Road,

Event details