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As the name suggests the programme will be funding demonstrator projects to prove energy efficiency technologies reduce energy consumption of the industrial process at scale i.e. near commercial innovation. Up to 20 projects will be co-funded with grants from £150,000 - £750,000 per project. A project will be a collaboration between an industrial company such as yourself and an innovator or technology supplier. 

Carbon Trust are running a number of events throughout August and September to promote the scope of the fund and explain how you could apply to build a demonstrator at your site. 

The events will be an opportunity to 

  • hear more about the funding programme and how to apply
  • meet innovators with technologies that could make your industrial process more energy efficient, reducing your energy costs and carbon emissions,  
  • share project ideas or maybe the challenges you experience to help form projects for the programme.

To register for one or more of the events click on the links below. Spaces are limited so please sign up as soon as you can.


Upcoming workshops: 

16 August 2017 – Manchester

24 August 2017 – London

7 September 2017– Glasgow

13 September 2017 – Birmingham

 If you would like further information, please contact KTN’s Sustainable Energy lead  - Jenni McDonnell [email protected] 

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