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HSE Export and import of hazardous chemicals (PIC) ebulletin

Issued: 23 January 2024


This ebulletin contains information on the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation in Great Britain (GB).


Annual reporting of exports and imports of PIC chemicals during 2023

Exporters and importers of PIC chemicals should submit data to HSE by 31 March 2024

Companies should now provide HSE with details of the quantities (in kilograms) of PIC chemicals they exported from GB or imported into GB during 2023 using the templates available on our website.


Annual reporting of quantities for the preceding year is required during the first quarter of each year under Article 10 of the GB PIC Regulation and includes movement of PIC chemicals to or from Northern Ireland (NI).


For EU exports and imports you do not need to indicate the specific EU country, however it would be helpful if you can indicate where the movement of the chemical was to or from NI.


The following are exempt from the reporting requirement and should not be included:

  • special reference identification number (RIN) requests for exports in quantities not exceeding 10kg per year to each importing country for purposes of research or analysis
  • imports for research and analysis in quantities not exceeding 10kg per year from any country

For mixtures and articles, report only the quantity of PIC chemical within the mixture or article.

If you did not export a particular PIC-listed chemical in 2023 for which you submitted an export notification, please respond to confirm this as a NIL return.


Please send your completed templates to [email protected] no later than 31 March 2024 and include the following details in the subject line of your email: 


GB PIC - Annual Reporting - Article 10 - 2023 - company name.


HSE will publish non-confidential data, anonymised and aggregated, on our website later in the year.


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