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HSE Pesticides ebulletin

Issued: 8 March 2024


An independent pesticides regulatory regime is in operation in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales).


This ebulletin includes information on the Plant Protection Products (PPP) regulations in Great Britain (GB).


Future GB MRL amendments (adopted March 2024)

Pencycuron is no longer an approved active substance in GB and all plant protection product authorisations have been withdrawn.

As notified in our ebulletin of 23 November 2023, as harmful effects on human health cannot be excluded it was proposed to lower all MRLs to the limit of quantification.


Following completion of the notification process to the World Trade Organization, new MRLs at the limit of quantification for pencycuron have now been adopted; these were adopted on the 6 March 2024.


In order to allow trading partners and food business operators time to adjust to the new lower MRLs the date of entry into force of these is 6 September 2024.


The future MRLs can be reviewed on the HSE website in the decision document: MRL reviews. The current MRLs in the GB MRL Statutory Register have an expiry date of 5 September 2024 and the new MRLs will appear in the register from 6 September 2024.  


View more information and guidance on the MRL processes for GB.


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