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Apply for support to provide an electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy national research facility (NRF) in the UK.

You must be a researcher from one of these:

  • UK higher education institution
  • research council institute
  • UKRI-approved independent research organisation
  • public sector research establishment
  • NHS body with research capacity.

The facility will be available to international researchers from many disciplines. It will give them access to:

  • a range of cutting edge instruments
  • expertise in EPR spectroscopy.

Your application must include a realistic approach to cost recovery. You must identify non-UKRI sources of funding in case you do not meet the cost-recovery targets.

Depending on your cost-recovery plan, we expect the project’s full economic cost to be more than £6.75 million, taking inflation over the lifetime of the project into account. We will fund up to £5.4 million.

We expect to fund one project for five years. Further details here

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