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Swagelok Manchester customers now have the opportunity to attend our popular Materials Science Training course, virtually and free of charge.

Course fees for this class are normally £395 plus VAT per person however Swagelok Manchester are offering this class free-of-charge during this period of lockdown<https://emarketing.atalanta.uk.com/t/y-i-udddjrd-l-t/>. We recommend that customers attend all 5 training classes to get the full experience and benefit of the course, however we have modularised the content so customers can subscribe and select the modules that best suit their needs.

Dr. Robert Bianco will deliver this class over a series of live training classes starting from 26th May - 9th June 2020. These classes will be delivered via Microsoft Teams.

To register please click on the modules below that you are interested in attending and follow the registration process.

Module 1: Basic Principles of Materials Science, 26th May<https://emarketing.atalanta.uk.com/t/y-i-udddjrd-l-h/>

Module 2: Corrosion Mechanisms & Corrosion in Seawater, 28th May<https://emarketing.atalanta.uk.com/t/y-i-udddjrd-l-k/>

Module 3: Sour <https://emarketing.atalanta.uk.com/t/y-i-udddjrd-l-u/> Ga<https://emarketing.atalanta.uk.com/t/y-i-udddjrd-l-o/>s Service (NACE) and NORSOK, 2nd June<https://emarketing.atalanta.uk.com/t/y-i-udddjrd-l-b/>

Module 4: Alloy Development and Alloy Selection Examples  4th June<https://emarketing.atalanta.uk.com/t/y-i-udddjrd-l-n/>

Module 5: <https://emarketing.atalanta.uk.com/t/y-i-udddjrd-l-p/> Materials for Hydrogen Service, <https://emarketing.atalanta.uk.com/t/y-i-udddjrd-l-x/> 9th June<https://emarketing.atalanta.uk.com/t/y-i-udddjrd-l-m/>

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