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We have tried to keep CNW Members abreast of the wealth of HMG advice as we approach year-end.  But to ensure that smooth trade with EU partners continues after the UK has left the Single Market and Customs union it is equally important that partners on the continent are aware of their own responsibilities.  

The EU commission have naturally provided information to Member States on what can be expected.  My fear is that much of what has been written on both sides has left the impression that with a deal things will continue as they are.  They will not.  Certain actions are required and increased documentation inevitable.  So presuming you know what you must do please also consider what your partners have done to ensure they can still receive your goods.  The attached presentation touches on some relevant points and is worth reviewing and sharing within supply chains.  Good luck, fingers crossed we get a trade deal in the next week but please prepare for year-end changes regardless.

Ian Cranshaw - CIA and CNW

Presentation for TCG on Brexit 2020 11 13 FINAL.pdf

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