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Britain’s biggest manufacturing exporter has welcomed the new climate deal from the COP26 Summit.

The chemical industry which manufactures the processes and technologies needed to fight climate change has noted the progress and embraced the future agenda.

Steve Elliott, Chief Executive of the Chemical Industries Association said “It is good we have a deal with new national pledges that takes us further in the global fight against climate change, but of course we now need action to back up those pledges.”

He continued: “As a UK sector we will continue to work to halve our emissions by 2034 en route to net zero by 2050. This will be dependent on sufficient access to hydrogen, carbon capture and storage and clean electricity.  In addition we will continue to build on our energy efficiency progress, driving  circularity and embracing all other climate change adaptation measures, so we can continue to produce and manufacture key solutions such as wind turbine blades, batteries and housebuilding materials”

Elliott ended:“ Over the next 12 months, our industry will play its part, alongside Government, NGOs and all stakeholders to help deliver the UK’s national plan and ensure that we as a Country can  demonstrate real progress in tackling climate change and keeping 1.5c alive”.






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