Press Release

CIA employers and the trade unions remain committed to ensuring that the protection of workers' health and safety is vital. 

Mental health is an integral part of this and is confirmed in the UK chemical industry's Responsible Care® Guiding Principles. 

During these unprecedented times of change, necessitated by managing and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that organisations develop and foster an effective and inclusive culture for good positive mental health and mental wellbeing. Factors both inside the workplace and external to it, i.e. those personal to us away from work, contribute to our mental health. 

As we approach the 2020 Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24th May), CIA Employers and trade unions are working together to:

  • Encourage organisations and workforces to do everything they can to promote positive cultures, and to raise awareness of good mental health and mental wellbeing including signposting where support can be found. 
  • To promote activities as part of raising awareness for Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24th May), contributing to its central theme of 'kindness' in order to help everyone during these uniquely difficult times. 
  • Making available to all, and encouraging the use of, the new CIA interactive Mental Health & Wellbeing Indicator Tool and signpost guide, which form part of the CIA's Health Leadership & Wellbeing Strategy Series. 


Interactive Mental Health and Wellbeing indicator tool is HERE 

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