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The Chemical Industries Association (CIA) and ITN Productions Industry News are co-producing a new fast-turnaround report series ‘Chemical Industry Helping to Fight COVID-19’ showcasing how the chemical industry is responding in a huge global effort to meet the demands of the global pandemic crisis.

Pivotal to modern society, the chemical industry has a vital role to play in helping control the spread of the virus and protect the people on the frontline. Vital scientific efforts have seen chemical companies adapting and sharing product portfolios, expertise, research, life-critical materials, performance chemicals, manufacturing processes and vaccine adjuvants, to name but a few, to help clients and communities navigate the current pandemic.

Acting swiftly to meet the increase in demand in materials and ingredients essential in the production of products to fight COVID-19 including hand sanitisers, disinfectants, medicines, medical equipment, testing kits, PPE and so much more, there are many examples of companies working around the clock to improve lives.

In this report, we see how Koura responded immediately and efficiently to cope with the increasing demand for one of their essential fluoride products, Zephex, fundamental to treating respiratory conditions.  ITN Productions Industry News reporter Nick Wallis explores how Koura safely increased productivity to record levels despite the challenges the pandemic surfaced.

Croda International reinforced their focus on using ‘Smart Science to Improve Lives’ as they increased production to help battle COVID-19. Croda’s ingredients are used in thousands of vital end products. Croda Denmark is involved in a double-digit number of different COVID-19 vaccine projects around the world and is giving away next-generation adjuvants to various global projects working on a COVID-19 vaccine.

Ineos demonstrated their commitment to helping improve lives during the pandemic by building a new hand sanitiser plant in just 10 days, in order to supply the life-critical product to the NHS.

During the Pandemic Innospec Inc has been providing different product formats, focusing on mild cleansing ingredients in both personal and Home Care applications. Staff at Innospec have also been supporting charities affected by the crisis raising over money for over 46 organisations including donating equipment to UK hospitals.

As many businesses across the country were forced to come to a halt, the team at Robinson Brothers Limited has been working harder than ever before, altering their output in a matter of just a few weeks, to produce and donate 6000 bottles of much-needed sanitiser to their local community.

The programme features key interviews and reports with sponsored editorial profiles from leading chemical companies Koura, Croda, Ineos, Innospec and Robinson Brothers and forms part of a communications campaign including the CIA network and industry partners.

Steve Elliott, Chief Executive of the Chemical Industries Association said: “It’s been a very challenging time for everybody and for our industry as we have worked throughout, demonstrating our value to the economy and to society as we all fight the pandemic. Our film shows just some of the fantastic work done by CIA member companies.”

Elizabeth Fisher-Robins, Head of ITN Productions Industry News, said: “We’re really excited by the opportunity to work with CIA to create an inspirational series that showcases the amazing response by the chemical industry to help control the spread of COVID-19 and provide essential life-critical medication, products, research, data, the list is endless, to protect and improve lives.”

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