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The winners of the 2017 Chemical Industry Awards have been announced at a celebration dinner held at the Queens Hotel in Leeds on 15 June.

Speaking to industry representatives in attendance, Chief Executive of the Chemical Industries Association Steve Elliott said: “The quality of our Award entries gets higher each year. I want to pay tribute to all who entered and congratulate all of our winners for their achievement. As these awards show, alongside the work our sector does day in day out, we are a winning industry. Thank you to the women and men who lead and work in our companies”.

The 2017 winners are:

ABB Manufacturing & Resource Efficiency Award - Winner: Johnson Matthey, Edinburgh

The Edinburgh site has been recognised amongst Johnson Matthey as a leader in continuous improvement and Lean Six Sigma. They are proud of their approach which has delivered significant business benefits now for over four years with a total saving of over £5million.

BASF Young Ambassador Award - Winner: Stephen Donnelly, Dow Chemical, Belfast

Economist Stephen works in the supply chain and has gained a reputation for finding innovative solutions when working with a wide range of stakeholders. He is actively involved in mentoring interns and exposing them to real business issues and stakeholders while empowering them to come up with their own solution. Stephen also attends multiple university careers fairs, promoting the wide variety of roles within the industry.

Chemical Industry Service Provider of the Year Award, Sponsored by CIEC - Winner: HFL Consulting, Denton

Recognising the need for sustainable process safety management practices to be a part of everyday business, HFL Consulting has worked consistently to build understanding and competence across industry. A range of accredited and bespoke training programmes, benchmarking studies, workshops and seminars has been provided to businesses and academia to share best practice. Much of this has been delivered at minimal or no cost, to maximise engagement and shared learning.

CIA Company of the Year Award - Winner: Nufarm UK Ltd, Wyke

Nufarm Wyke has been in operation since the 1870s and was on the brink of closure until its acquisition by Nufarm in 2008.  The passion, competence and resourcefulness of the team convinced Nufarm to concentrate activities in the UK despite some negative attitudes towards manufacturing in UK at a global level.

Subsequent performance has confirmed this to be the right decision. Ongoing improvements to cost, quality and risk will enable the site to remain globally competitive.

Environmental Leadership Award, Sponsored by ERM - Winner: EPC United Kingdom plc, Bramble Island

2-ethyl hexyl nitrate is a chemical used to make diesel fuel burn more efficiently and pollute less. EPC-UK Additives has found an innovative way to recover over 20,000 tonnes/year of waste sulphuric acid arising from the production process, dramatically reducing its environmental footprint. All this has been carried out whilst enhancing the designated Site of Special Scientific Interest the company operates on. 

GSK Innovation Award - Winner: BASF, Bradford

BASF switched over its production process for the monomer acrylamide – used for the production of water-soluble flocculation aids in wastewater treatment, enhanced oil recovery, mineral processing and papermaking – to a modern enzyme-based process. The new process results in less waste, lower energy consumption and greater environmental compatibility and is easier to convert into the final polymer.

Health Leadership Award, Sponsored by Eversheds Sutherland - Winner: DSM Nutritional Products, Dalry

DSM is a global science-based company active in health, nutrition, and materials. DSM Dalry has innovatively worked on improving health and well-being knowledge with their staff and contractors. This has been achieved by involvement in various events, whilst providing opportunities to improve health at the same time. DSM has recognised great benefits from their work and are continuously working on further improvements.

INEOS Responsible Care Award - Winner: LyondellBasell, Carrington

LyondellBasell at Carrington has strived over many years to build an excellent safety culture onsite with employees, contractors, suppliers and customers. This has been achieved through the development of programmes and initiatives which have led to and ensured the maintenance of operational excellence, HSE compliance, world class HSE performance and a moral responsibility in all activities that could potentially impact upon the surrounding community.   

Reputation Award, Sponsored by Chemicals Northwest - Winner: BASF, Bradford

BASF Kids’ Lab is a unique learning opportunity for children aged 9-11. 60 STEM trained volunteers run the lab, positively promoting science and the site, bringing together employees with the local community. After visiting, participants pass on the fantastic work carried out to family members and friends – BASF’s neighbours. This enables the company to build positive relationships, important in an emergency or crisis situation, therefore protecting their license to operate.

Skills Award, Sponsored by Cogent Skills - Winner: GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage

A two-part, modular yet complementary training approach with external validation, robust assessment, and recognised qualifications (Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Development and an MPhil or PhD) was initiated and developed. These provide graduate chemists with the skills and experience to compete for senior positions and thereby provide return on investment regarding training and development provided.  Through this programme, GSK is the first and only pharmaceutical company recognised as a provider of higher education.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Winner: Dr Stan Higgins, NEPIC

In 2003, Stan established NEPIC as a cluster organisation in North East England. Fourteen years on and through the delivery of industry growth strategies, NEPIC has grown into one of the UK’s key industry-led, economic cluster bodies. NEPIC have recently reported contributing more than £3 billion of GVA to the North East & UK economy and helping deliver more than 80 industry investments totalling £4 billion and securing some 4,900 jobs.

In 2014, Stan was honoured by the European Commission and awarded EU Cluster Manager of Year – a position he will hold until 2016. Through Stan’s leadership, NEPIC also became the first UK Cluster body to receive European Union accreditation and only one of 40 European Cluster organisations to be accredited against EU Gold Standard for Cluster Management Excellence.

Prior to his time at NEPIC, Stan enjoyed Directorship positions at a number of fine chemical companies including Eastman Chemicals, Laporte Fine Chemicals and James Robinson Limited.

A keen writer, Stan regularly features in business and technical magazines on topics relating to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, including Cluster management and economic development.



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The chemical and pharmaceutical industry adds £14.4 billion of value to the UK economy every year from total annual turnover of over £40 billion. This represents around 10% of the value added by the whole of UK manufacturing.

 In addition to gross value added, the sector also contributes to the UK economy in its position at the head of many supply chains within manufacturing and its employment of a well remunerated, high-skilled workforce. Chemical manufacturing adds £9 billion in gross value added annually and pharmaceutical manufacturing £5 billion.

 UK chemical and pharmaceutical companies invest around £4 billion in capital and R&D.

The UK is a leading global chemical and pharmaceutical producer. The UK is the 11th largest chemical and pharmaceutical producer in the world and the 4th largest producer in the European Union.

The wider chemical and pharmaceutical sector (manufacturing plus distribution) is the largest exporter of manufactured goods with annual exports of close to £50 billion. The export of motor vehicle, trailers and semi-trailers is the sector with next highest exports of £35 billion.

 63% of companies in the sector export what they make to the world, the highest proportion of any goods manufacturing sector in the UK economy.

Business investment by the chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing sector increased by 10% in real terms between Q3 2016 and Q4 2016 to £0.98bn.

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