ChemTalent Committee

ChemTalent is part of the Chemical Industries Association (CIA). The CIA is the organisation that represents chemical and pharmaceutical businesses throughout the UK. Representation includes lobbying legislators, policy-makers and stakeholders on the issues that affect our member companies the most. Our member companies decide on our policy and approach through our committees, led by our President Dr Martin Ashcroft, Managing Director at Tata Chemicals and our Board. ChemTalent sits at the heart of the CIA’s Education and Employment Strategy Group, which deals with employment affairs, trade union relations, education and skills. 

ChemTalent is a thriving group with a core committee responsible for mapping the direction of the group and the wider operations of the network, led by the Young Ambassador. 

Amy Summerton 

Research chemist and apprentice at SABIC Petrochemicals
Young Ambassador Award 2023 winner and ChemTalent chair 

”As current Young Ambassador I would like encourage all like minded young professionals in the chemical industry to come forward to lead ChemTalent for 2024/25. ChemTalent has given myself so many fantastic opportunities to be the voice of the next generation of our industry. Our 3 key priorities are Changing Perceptions, Bridging the Skills Gap & Promoting the Industry; if this is something you are passionate about I encourage you to apply.”

Lucy Jones 

Graduate Trainee at Croda International 

”As an early careerist within the chemical industry, I recognise the importance of developing an understanding of the industry and I want to support these opportunities for others. I am passionate about promoting different career pathways available in the chemical industry and hope to contribute to it being a positive and inclusive environment to work in.”


Scott Gorman 

Lead Development Scientist  at Croda Europe Ltd, responsible for scale-up and optimisation of fermentation products and technical support to the Biotechnology plant at Croda Ditton and various other toll manufacturers around Europe.

“I joined ChemTalent to be involved in interesting discussions with a network of likeminded scientists on key topics such as sustainability, skills recruitment, and D&I whereby we can hopefully have a positive impact on the future of the Chemical Industry”.


Hannah Mohsen 

Production Engineer at Solutia UK Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of East Chemicals. 

“I joined ChemTalent to be at the forefront of decision making for young people in the chemical industry – both those currently in it, and those looking to join it. Joining any new industry can be daunting and so having gone through this onboarding process and being able to experience first hand how perceptions can change, and what potential hurdles there are I want to assist in anyway that I can to help shape the future of young people in industry”.


Sameen Barabhuiya

Process Engineer at Nufarm

 ”I joined ChemTalent as I have a strong interest in influencing strategy in the UK Chemical Manufacturing industry in particular on how it can remain cost competitive with other nations whilst also meeting net zero.”



Jonathan Vincent 

Process Engineer at INEOS INOVYN

“I joined the ChemTalent team as it presents a unique opportunity to actively contribute to shaping policies that directly impact the future of young professionals in the chemical industry, allowing me to advocate for their needs and aspirations. Being part of this dynamic group not only empowers me to foster positive changes within the industry but also provide a platform for collaborative efforts that align with my passion for advancing the interests of emerging talents in the field.”


Amy Summerton

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