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How can REACHReady help?

We have put together some case studies to show how our consultancy and other services have provided cost-effective solutions to a range of companies.

  1. Company receives guidance on the labelling of small packages under CLP - download
  2. Manufacturing a new substance where there is no existing GB-Lead Registrant appointed and no data set submitted to the HSE - download
  3. Multi-site training delivered via webinar to coatings formulator - download
  4. Ensuring home fragrance products (eg. candles, reed diffusers) are labelled in compliance with the CLP requirements - download
  5. The tasks to consider when handing over or taking on responsibility for REACH - download
  6. Key compliance issues identified during an audit of a pharmaceutical development company - download
  7. Understanding the REACH registration obligations for 'waste' and how to demonstrate an exemption - download 
  8. Poison centre notification (PCN) practicalities - download
  9. Advertisement for a substance classified as hazardous - CLP Article 48 - download

Case study archive

  1. Importer of personal care products receives support for 2018 registration deadline - download
  2. How a Helpdesk subscription helped a company to understand the status of electronic cigarettes under REACH and CLP - download
  3. Issues found during the compliance check of a UK-based formulator - download
  4. The implications of REACH and CLP when re-branding adhesives, sealant and dyes - download
  5. Understanding the impact of CLP when importing and distributing paints, cleaners and lubricants - download 
  6. Reviewing the REACH obligations for a City bank and interpreting Competent Authority responses - download 
  7. Updating business processes for the CLP regulations - download

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