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The SVHC database is designed to help you identify substances of concern in your supply chain from the common uses of substances on the Candidate List.

A key aspect of REACH is the identification of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs). It may be necessary for SVHCs to be subject to stringent controls in order to protect human health and the environment. The inclusion of a substance on the Candidate List is an early step in this process; it indicates that a substance is a candidate for inclusion in Annex XIV to REACH, known as the Authorisation List.

Inclusion of a substance on this list brings with it a number of obligations and you can find full details of these on the Candidate List page of our website (Gold subscribers only). The list is growing with updates usually taking place twice a year in June and December. In the summer of 2018, the number stands at 191 substances.

For chemical manufacturers, formulators and other chemical users towards the top of the supply chain it is perhaps easier to know or confirm whether certain SVHCs are present in their products. However, many businesses who are further down in their global supply chain, particularly those who supply articles, may find it a greater challenge. It is important for such companies to prioritise their compliance management activities regarding the possible presence of SVHCs in their goods or their use in the upstream supply chain. One way to do this is to use our SVHC Database to find out where Candidate Listed substances are commonly used or found. Screening products and uses against the list of SVHCs can help companies risk assess their portfolio, allowing them to focus attention where it's needed most. If you need to understand more about the impact of REACH on Articles and your own business, you might be interested in our training courses.

With REACHReady’s SVHC database our Gold subscribers can enter the details of a Candidate Listed substance (name / EC No. / CAS No.) and search to find the products and markets in which it is commonly used, for example personal care / fragrance / scent / candle. Alternatively, those who have a product portfolio can search by the use or market to find the possible substances in their goods or industry which may require action.

The uses identified should be used as a guide and, whilst we have made every effort to make the information as complete as possible, it is unlikely to be exhaustive. If you are in doubt or have additional uses that we can add please contact us.

REACHReady Gold subscribers get exclusive use of this tool as one of their benefits of membership.

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