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Britain’s chemical industry fuelling UK growth - a plan for the next Government

Our starting point is a strong one – the sector is the country’s largest manufacturing exporter; it has already reduced emissions by 80% over the past 30 years and thousands of highly skilled and well-rewarded jobs are located in parts of the country that really need them. To help inform and support the next government’s agenda for growth and prosperity, we are proposing a number of recommendations. 

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The Chemical Industries Association is the organisation representing and advising chemical and pharmaceutical companies located across the UK. Our core membership is a diverse mix of chemical and pharmaceutical companies operating within the UK.

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Key manufacturing exporter reports first growth in 2 years

Figures released by the Chemical Industries Association indicate a significant turnaround in the chemical sector – one of Britain’s biggest manufacturing export industries – showing signs of growth.

About the CIA
About the CIA

Find out all about the Chemical Industries Association

The Chemical Industries Association (CIA) is the UK’s leading trade association dedicated to representing and advising chemical and pharmaceutical companies across the United Kingdom.

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    What the CIA does

    As a membership organisation funded by subscription, we are committed to establishing the UK as the location of choice for industry growth.

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    Governance and policy areas are set by the CIA’s Board and Council, elected from membership. Our Board is responsible for the governance of the CIA. Martin Ashcroft, Managing Director at Tata Chemicals Europe is the elected President of the CIA.

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    Our CIA Business Survey helps us to identify emerging trends, highlight operating conditions for chemical manufacturers and advocate for your interests to government and media.