Leadership Team

Stephen Donnelly, Young Ambassador

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Stefano Ceci, Johnson Matthey, Sustainability Steering Group Representative

I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham and joined Johnson Matthey in 2012; currently a senior engineer working in new product development. I was also the Young Ambassador in 2016 /17 and enjoyed raising the profile of emerging talent to CIA member companies.... Read more


Joshua Henshaw, BASF, Energy and Water Network Representative

I'm Joshua, a Regional Key Account Manager at BASF and I’ve been on the Future Forum Leadership Team since 2017. I represent the Future Forum at various outreach and STEM events as well as in my role as a sales account manager, visiting key players in the chemical industry in the United Kingdom... Read more


Jennifer Peake, Young Ambassador,

Strategy Group Lead and CIA Council representative 


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Priyan Mistry, Johnson Matthey, Communications Strategy Group Representative

My name is Priyan, a Process Engineer at Johnson Matthey and I have been a member of the Future Forum (FF) Leadership Team since 2016. I represent the FF at the CIA’s communications strategy group whose leadership represent the UK’s chemical and pharmaceutical industry with politicians, the media, schools, universities, and NGOs on a national and European level. ... Read more

Jessica Sales, SI Group, Responsible Care Strategy Group Representative

I’m Jess and I have been part of the CIA's Future Forum since 2016 and I currently represent this communities voice and views at the CIA's Responsible Care Strategy Group (RCSG). The RCSG is made up of representatives from some of the UK’s chemical and pharmaceutical companies, as well as CIA representatives, to talk about issues such as occupational health, energy, security and environmental sustainability... Read more