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The publication of the Government’s Energy White Paper is yet another important step paving the way to decarbonising our economy. With the paper setting out a number of announcements and with further details to be revealed over coming months, 2021 will be absolutely fundamental in ensuring the success of net zero through:

  • Delivery of an energy system that is affordable and sustainable to all energy users;
  • Delivery of clear policies that will enable our sector to innovate, invest and in turn support our customer industries to benefit from the net zero transition;
  • A UK carbon market that achieves net zero emissions whilst enabling foundation industries such as our to remain internationally competitive.

The chemicals sector is uniquely placed to ensure UK-wide delivery of net zero by 2050. Our own emissions performance has seen an 80% reduction since 1990 and we are ‘the builder’ of net zero for all with our solutions used in homes, at work and throughout everyday life, saving at least 2 tonnes of greenhouse gases for every 1 tonne we directly emit.

We are the enabler of priority areas identified in the White Paper to decrease the cost of decarbonisation, including hydrogen, carbon, capture, use and storage (CCUS) as well as disruptive low carbon technologies for transport and homes.  The hard work starts now and successful delivery requires a cross government approach, in partnership with industry, to ensure jobs and investment in the UK are strengthened so our country can achieve a new environmental and economic future.



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