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The UK’s biggest manufacturing sector - the chemical industry - welcomes the Prime Minister’s 10 point plan; kickstarting the country’s recovery whilst decarbonising the economy.


To reach net zero urgent action is needed and the additional funding for Hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a major step forward in the country’s journey towards decarbonising industry and society at large.


The investment in electric vehicles will play a vital part in creating demand for low carbon goods and services and our sector is certainly well placed to deliver the chemical components and goods that underpin these.


It is now critical that we couple these announcements with policies that enable the UK to shift from current relief measures needed to protect businesses from overseas competition, to driving a level playing field and our vision for supporting the global climate ambition.

In turn this will allow our sector to continue to create and make its low carbon products and technologies in the UK, central to delivering the country’s net zero target and becoming a true global leader in tackling climate change.

Critical to achieving this will be the level of public investment. Much more will need to be invested in infrastructure and in turn this will provide opportunities for the whole of the UK. The chemical industry has a significant presence across the country, including in the English regions and central Scotland. With public investment that matches competitor countries, we are ready to deliver the 'levelling up' ambition. 


We look forward to working together with Government and across manufacturing in delivering a stronger, greener and sustainable economy.



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