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The Young Ambassador Award

This Award recognises an outstanding young person demonstrating communication skills and leadership associated with the chemical industry and contributing to its success.

The Young Ambassador is responsible for leading the ChemTalent network for their 'year in office'.


Previous Young Ambassadors

Young Ambassador 2023-24

Meet Amy Summerton

Amy started her career at SABIC as an Apprentice Laboratory Technician aged just 16 back in 2015. Now 24, Amy is a Research Chemist within SABIC’s Technology and Innovation Feedstock and Cracker team based in Teesside, a role that supports the company’s local and global assets.

As a research chemist, Amy’s role involves assisting SABIC’s Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality ambitions and supporting the Teesside Improvement Project on the Olefins 6 Cracker, which aims to utilize hydrogen as a fuel source and become the world’s first carbon-neutral cracker. She is also working on SABIC’s global chemical recycling initiative TRUCIRCLE and studying BEng Chemical Engineering at Teesside University.


In 2016, Amy joined the STEM Ambassadors Group. She participated in events across the North East at local primary, secondary school and sixth forms to showcase career opportunities, particularly for young women. When Amy first joined SABIC, she was the only female intake and worked on a plant shift team of all male operators on Olefins 6. Nevertheless, she thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Amy is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion and sharing positive experiences with others.

In 2020, Amy joined the Steering Group for SABIC Women’s Network (SHE) as the Events Coordinator for Europe. Amy runs quarterly technical webinars open to all SABIC colleagues in Europe, which involve reaching out to SABIC leaders from across the globe in various functions to highlight the latest technological developments and accomplishments.

Amy’s commitment to the industry is unquestionable. Even as an apprentice, she was always the first to volunteer for educational events. Her volunteering roles also include being Chair of SABIC’s Education Liaison Team. She has successfully undertaken a programme of educational visits and tours whilst redeveloping relationships with local schools, colleges and universities, which had dwindled during the pandemic.

In addition, the same year, Amy was involved in supporting a series of employee engagement events for the Teesside Sit, for which she received recognition. Amy added, “Having developed close contacts with many site operatives whilst working on the plant as an apprentice, I have empathy and could help gear the events creatively and engagingly to suit the workforce.”

Earlier this year, Amy was appointed as the Young SABIC Professional Teesside, for which she is responsible for arranging inspirational events, training and development opportunities. A few months after, Amy received the NEPIC Young Achiever 2023 awards and in June Amy won the 2023 Young Ambassador award at the CIA Chemical Industry Awards.

I am extremely passionate about the industry and the potential in the future and enjoy promoting and engaging at all levels to encourage, inspire and succeed.” - Amy Summerton 

Senior Communications Business Partner at SABIC, Claire Wordsworth, said:

“ Amy is passionate about the industry but is also aware of the challenges. She shows a maturity and understanding beyond her years and demonstrates a high degree of emotional intelligence. It is rare to see a young person with such commitment, passion and dedication to the industry”  

Director at Scientific Update, Claire Francis, said: 

"Amy had a very impressive application, starting out as an apprentice at just 16, she has achieved a huge amount in her career so far. We were impressed by her enthusiasm for her job and the many other STEM activities and inspirational leadership roles she has taken. Meeting her in person, it is clear why she has been so successful. She is down to earth, easy to talk to and has an abundance of time and energy for all that she is involved with. She shows a passion for both people and the industry in which she works and demonstrates a sense of ‘anything is possible’ when you give the time to make it happen. We are confident that Amy will be a wonderful Young Ambassador and inspire others in the ChemTalent programme. At Scientific Update we are proud to sponsor young people like Amy entering the chemical industry with a passion for sustainability, inclusion and creativity and will watch her career with interest. Good luck Amy!"