Future Forum

What is the Future Forum

The Future Forum is a network for those working in chemical and pharmaceutical businesses located in the UK, who are either at the start of their career or are considering a career in the industry. This unique professional network includes a wide range of industry specialists covering:





Human Resources 

Mechanical engineering

Chemical engineering

Legal affairs



Health and safety



Chemistry students (BA/MA/Phd)

... you can be in any job in a chemical business or be studying chemistry to be a member.

Creating change

Member benefits

Joining our Future Forum will provide the opportunity to broaden your horizons and understanding of the chemical industry beyond just your own job, enable you to contribute to the industry’s policy and positions on key issues and allow you to be involved in building the reputation of the industry by being a key role model and by engaging with our stakeholders. 

Plus, joining the Future Forum offers a number of benefits:

Forum Connect
Monthly e-newsletter keeping you informed about the latest news,
events and policy developments.

  Get your voice heard
Get involved at the heart of CIA’s policy making and lobbying activities.

  Advice and guidance
Information for you and for those following in your footsteps.

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Networking and events

Expert speakers, skills sessions and the opportunity to meet with
other industry professionals in a relaxed environment.

Membership is free!

You can join by registering here and going to 'My CIA' to sign up to the CIA Future Forum mailing list. For more information, please contact [email protected].


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Chemical careers

The members of the Future Forum can provide an understanding of what it is like to work in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry today. What ever you do in life, the chemicals helps make it happen – you can’t live without us. From vital medicines, food and clothing, through to housing and transport, communication and leisure activities the chemical industry is an industry that matters.

More information on career opportunities in the chemical industry can be found on the website of Cogent, the organisation that looks at the skills needed in our industry. The site supports young people and individuals to make the best informed career choice. In the case studies section you can see some of our members talking about their work. Also, the careers section gives an outline of career options and provides access to real job profiles along with entry levels, qualifications and standards.