Webinar: Global labelling – reality or myth?


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Which industry sectors?

           Chemical products (paints, glues, cleaning products, etc.)

           But also, intermediate products for the manufacture of cosmetics, medicines, and food additives

Why do we need to label correctly?

           It’s the law – without it suppliers are open to legal actions

           It is good product stewardship, and protects customers

Hazard classification

How do we decide which hazards are associated with a chemical product?



           How the hazard classification translates into symbols, and statutory phrases required on the product label.

           Other label texts



Labelling for World-wide supply

           The Globally Harmonised System for labelling

           EU requirements vs rest-of-the world

           Language requirements

           Common translation issues

           Struggles and solutions for limited label space on products with multiple languages

           Machine translation vs human translation



Mel Cook

Director of Alchemy Compliance Ltd.

20+ year expert regulatory advisor in the supply of chemicals

PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Leicester


Isabella Ballanti

MD Ultimate Languages

20+ year experience in translation as a linguist and as an LSP.

MA in Politics and International Relations from the University of Kent

15 July - 11am

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