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Advance briefing on water tariff increases expected from April 2023 (free Webinar by Castle Water)


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This webinar will discuss likely water charge increases and how you can mitigate the impact.

Given a very high increase in water charges that now looks inevitable in April 2023, Castle Water will explain what they are expecting and why, even though at this stage there are still a number of significant uncertainties.
The Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee has revised its estimate of inflation for Q4 2022 to 13% (August 2022). Water bills are increased on 1 April by several factors, including CPIH for the preceding October. Based on the BofE forecast and the current PR19 revenue control for water networks, we expect
water bills to increase on average by approximately 13% in April.
There will be higher increases for customers of the four water Wholesalers that successfully challenged Ofwat’s PR19 price control: Anglian Water, Yorkshire Water, Northumbrian Water and Bristol Water. For these companies, we expect increases of an additional 1 to 3%.
Although water bills are not increasing by as much as energy ones, they will still be a concern. We work with specialist partners who provide Water Audits, who can assess your water usage and look for inefficiencies. These can be of varying types, from a water efficiency audit of your estate and water usage looking for signs of leakage and inefficient use of water, to a detailed engineering assessment of industrial water use.
Many businesses also regularly read water meters to monitor their consumption and to help identify any leaks indicated by unusual consumption patterns. Where possible, it is also worth periodically checking your meter at a time when you do not expect water to be used, as this can also highlight any leaks (take two
reads 30 minutes apart). Submitting water meter readings monthly to your retailer helps to improve bill accuracy.
To discuss your water, wastewater or Trade Effluent needs, or to enquire about any of our additional services, email Conor Kearney, Head of Business Development for Castle Water at [email protected] or visit for more information.

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