Enter the 2020 Awards

The categories and how to enter

There is a limit of 1000 words per entry and you may find the following helpful in structuring your entry.

1. Description of your entry (project/person/application etc)

2. How was it successful?

3. Why you think it should win the award

Eligibility for the awards is simple. You will be a chemical processing company, a key player in the chemicals supply chain, or an important stakeholder or service provider to the sector overall. We are searching for excellence in the following categories:

 1. Engineering firm of the year 2020

Winning this award will represent the ultimate accolade for excellence in the supply of engineering products and services to this great industry. The scope is wide as we are aware of many engineering solutions that have led to success in the industry, from project management and maintenance support to process consultancy and equipment supplies.

2. Manufacturing company of the year award 2020 

This award recognises how a company has demonstrated excellence in developing and bringing its products to market. It will also recognise significant operational improvements made to an established process. The winner will also have a clear plan for sustainable growth of the business and its contribution to the wider chemical industry in the region.

3. Health & Safety award 2020 – sponsored by Livent 
This award will recognise exemplary practices or services that have made a chemicals operation safer or healthier. The winner will be able to demonstrate how a single, or range of, site improvements or the provision of valued expertise, has significantly contributed to the improved safety performance of a chemicals business, or a supply chains partner.

4. Sustainability award 2020 - sponsored by INOVYN
Recognition of how an organisation has demonstrated an innovative and holistic application of sustainability principles across a project and/or its wider business practice, leading to measurable positive change.

5. Operational excellence award 2020
Successful practices in improving the efficiency and productivity of a chemical manufacturing process. The award winner will be able to demonstrate that real business improvements have been made following the implementation of a new project or operational programme.

6. International trade award 2020
Innovative approaches to effective exporting involving the latest systems and thinking. This will be awarded to a company that is new to, or experienced in, import/export and who has significantly developed their business in new markets or achieved an outstanding international trading record. This award is also open to service providers who have helped other businesses to take their international trading to new levels.

7. Innovation award 2020
Demonstration of creative solutions that present major commercial opportunities for a business. This award is open to individual organisations or academic/industrial collaborations. The winning recipient will be able to demonstrate how they have successfully invested in the research and development of a commercially viable new product, or enhancement to an existing product, or designed/modified and implemented a process that delivers demonstrable benefits to the business.

8. Young talent in the chemical industry award 2020 – sponsored by SRG
The contribution made by a young person to the success of a chemicals business or service provider. The award will also recognise the learning of vital business skills and their application in taking the organisation forward.

9. Charity of the Year award 2020
If you represent a charity which you think deserves a special recognition, or you have been involved in events through the company to do work for, or to raise money for a charity, then please submit your entry. Winners will also receive £1000 towards their charity.

10. Supplier to the chemical industry award 2020
This award covers a broad scope of entries and the winner could be reflected within: the provision of innovative problem solving anywhere in supply chains, to the chemicals sector. The winner will be able to demonstrate how their products or services have successfully responded to a customer problem and helped deliver effective supply partnerships.

To enter the awards please email [email protected] by 3pm on Friday 24th January 2020 with the title of the award as the email header and include your contact phone number.

Good luck to everyone and we look forward to seeing you in Manchester on 19th March.

The seat and table booking link for the awards can be found here

Other terms 
(1)    The judge’s decision is final and will remain unannounced until revealed on the evening.
(2)    The same company can enter up to three categories.
(3)    CNW reserves the right to split or create new categories after the deadline.
(4)    CNW can suggest and with agreement, your entry could go forward to another category.
(5)    In the instance that there is only a single entry for an advertised category, CNW reserves the right to delete this category.
(6)    CNW can use your entry for good practice case studies in future communications