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Thanks to funding from STEM Learning, we are delighted to invite up to 20 volunteer STEM professionals to join CIEC’s Summer STEM Primary Partnerships. This invitation is extended to existing STEM ambassadors and those wishing to join us as STEM ambassadors for the first time.

What is involved?

Training in May/June

Attend an in-person or remote training session aimed at developing the communication skills required to work effectively with 9-11 year olds, learning about practical approaches in the primary science classroom, and using a framework in which to plan two consecutive sessions in the classroom to link your area of work with primary science.

During the final 30 minutes of this session, you will meet teachers from primary schools across the region. The time will be spent further refining your two classroom sessions, in collaboration with your school partner and selecting dates for your classroom visits in June-July 2024.

A buffet will be served at in-person events, at Catalyst Science Discovery Centre, Widnes.

On-going support in June/July

STEM ambassadors and teachers will receive on-going support via weekly drop-in Zoom sessions to ensure that your partnership project runs smoothly.


You will be asked to complete short on-line questionnaires immediately before and after the training session, and at the end of the project in July. The time required for all three questionnaires will be approximately 45 minutes.

You will receive an electronic copy of the evaluation report by the end of the year.


Further information


If you have any questions about this programme, please contact [email protected]


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