Chemicals Northwest are pleased to host a number of resources from our member companies and stakeholders for the future workforce. If any of our member companies have any links they wish to share please email Alex Abraitis for further details. 

 Catalyst Science Discovery Centre and Musuem

A unique interactive experience for all ages. A host of interactive exhibits, re-constructed scenes and multi-media programmes stimulate the senses bringing a range of subjects to life from Science, Maths, Engineering and Technology to the Humanities and Geography. Suitable for pupils from Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 4. Catalyst offers an entertaining educational experience.

Visit the website here


Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC)

The team at CIEC creates and sustains links between primary school science and industry’s people and practices. We promote awareness of STEM careers and industries, and raise children’s science capital.

We work with our industry partners to highlight STEM opportunities for young people by building visible links between science education and its application in industry and related careers. Our expertise helps partners to increase and sustain the number of local children considering a future within industry. CIEC offers science industries a range of tailored approaches to work with schools, supporting CSR and community outreach goals. #ciecyork

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Chemical Industries Association - ChemTalent

ChemTalent is for all future talent working within the industry, from apprentices, to graduates, across every function that enables our companies to operate on a daily basis. This group aims to be a coveted platform to inspire, to debate and to transform the future of our industry.

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Chemistry with Cabbage

Chemistry with Cabbage takes real chemistry into primary schools so that young students have the kit and household chemicals to do their own experiments. We are trying to show children the excitement and wonder of chemistry. Working with them for a full day we show that chemistry is something they can understand, enjoy and want to study further.

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Chemicals Northwest is proud to partner with the Growth Company to help businesses access and benefit from the Government’s new Kickstart scheme – helping to give young people the opportunity to gain vital skills and experience that will boost their employability.

Kickstart is a high-profile, £2 billion Government initiative delivered in response to the biggest global economic, societal and public health shock for decades. Young people are particularly vulnerable to the scarring effects of long-term unemployment, with many 16-24-year-olds working in some of the hardest-hit sectors, such as hospitality and retail.

Full details here on the CNW Kickstart page



NextGenChem facilitates collaboration between participating Small or Mediumsized Enterprises (SMEs) and cutting edge scientific and technical experts, sharing tools and methods to support the innovation journey. The programme is centred around your company aspirations and delivery plans. Find out more via the brochure here or visit the





ReAgent are currently focusing on creating resources for Education and Careers in Chemistry to help both students and workers lean more about the industry.

View the Reagent Chemistry Education Resources website here and find out where a chemistry education could take you.

View the ReAgent Careers in Chemistry Resource website here to explore what a career in chemistry might mean for you.



Our team has extensive experience in the field of headhunting as well as broader HR expertise too. We hope you find our views on recruitment and many broader HR/leadership topics insightful.



Science Solutions Recruitment

Science Solutions Recruitment have a range of instructional videos (how to write your CV, prepare for an interview, different job role specifications) available on their



SIP Ambassador Programme

The Science Industry Partnership (SIP) facilitates the SIP Ambassador Careers Outreach programme, which provides dedicated training and resources for science industry employees to help promote career opportunities in an impactful way.

SIP Ambassadors work with young people, parents, teachers and careers advisers to promote the many careers available within the science-based industries. This is achieved through working with schools and colleges. SIP Ambassadors present working in the science based industries in a positive light; dispelling myths and stereotypes.

Through the continued growth of SIP Ambassadors programme, your company will benefit from the direct engagement with schools and promotion of careers in the science industries. Your company will have a much greater impact on the attractiveness action the sector to young people than through individual investment in schools outreach.

Work with young people, parents, teachers and careers advisors.

Promote the many careers available by visiting schools, colleges

Present working in the science industries in a positive light, displacing myths and stereotypes

For further information about how you can get involved, contact the SIP Careers Manger and take a look at the


SIP Liverpool Plus, the skills networking forum for the North West science industries, have recently published a Guide for Careers Outreach. This Guide is aimed at helping employers to navigate the options that are available to them for promoting careers in science to young people. Download a copy of the guide here.


STEM Ambassadors

A volunteer programme for STEM organisations.

Our STEM Ambassadors programme inspires the next generation and helps young people to develop the skills, confidence, and mindset to build successful futures in STEM.

By running a STEM volunteer cohort we provide even more opportunities to connect young people to real-life STEM careers, prioritising support for those who need it most.

Supporting our work and becoming a STEM Ambassador Partner brings a wealth of benefits to you and your employees. Contact our STEM Ambassador Partnership Team at


Strategic Development network

Are are keen to work with key engineering and manufacturing bodies to help shape and bring the initiative to SME’s. View the Education Landscape document on behalf of Gatsby Charitable Foundation which aims to help SME’s understand and navigate the educational landscape effectively.


Warrington & Vale Royal College

Delivering vocational, professional and apprenticeship qualifications across science and engineering. Home to a new Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Training (AMET) centre and dedicated science laboratories. Continually building relationships with schools, businesses and industry to help bridge the skills gap. Bespoke course and packages available. Further details can be found via the