The Chemical Industries Association launched its manifesto in parliament emphasising the role of the UK chemical industry as a key building block of the economy.

The next government of the United Kingdom faces the formidable task of ensuring prosperity for all regions of the country. Its success will be measured by its ability to foster economic growth, advance environmental progress, and social inclusion. Central to achieving these goals will be partnerships with businesses, particularly within the advanced manufacturing sector, which offers innovative clean technology solutions and jobs essential for a resilient, sustainable, and inclusive economic future.

As a key building block of the economy, the chemical industry should be at the heart of that economic, environmental and social ambition. The sector is the country’s largest manufacturing exporter with annual exports of over £54bn; it has already reduced emissions by 80% over the past 30 years and thousands of highly skilled and well-rewarded jobs located in parts of the country that really need them. With 4,415 businesses directly employing 151,000 individuals and supporting over 500,000 jobs, the chemical industry is vital to the country’s prosperity.  

In support of this vision, the Chemical Industries Association (CIA) launched its manifesto in Parliament at the beginning of the year. The manifesto outlines a strategic vision positioning the UK chemical industry as a key driver of economic, environmental, and social progress. To read the full article and manifesto from the Chemical Industries Association on the PoliticsHome website please click here.


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