REACHReady Team

Our technical team members are REACHReady's key resource for delivering our training, consultancy and Helpdesk services.

Nishma Patel

Nishma has been working in the area of chemicals management for eight years providing advice on regulatory issues around REACH, CLP, Safety Data Sheets and transport. Nishma is also actively involved in a number of policy developments surrounding GHS, CLP and transport both at European and national level. As part of the REACHReady team Nishma spends much of her time on the helpdesk and writing technical articles for the REACHReady Review newsletter.

Mark Selby

Much of Mark’s work involves dealing with the complex issues raised by REACHReady customers, with a particular emphasis on the practical aspects of the regulation, carrying out risk assessments and the interpretation of data.

A major part of his work includes acting as a trainer for academic institutions, government agencies and industry (including health care and fine-chemical suppliers) covering areas such as applied toxicology, physico-chemistry and ecotoxicology in relation to regulatory requirements. This includes regular training work with the Chemical Hazards Communication Society for the classification and labelling of chemicals and preparation of Safety Data Sheets. Recent training programmes include involvement in the European Commission Twinning Project with Poland.

Silvia Segna

In her helpdesk role, Silvia advises companies on legislative compliance in relation to REACH, CLP and the BPR. She is also involved in policy developments surrounding REACH and BPR. Silvia holds a Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering. Previous experience includes the position of Technical and Regulatory Affairs Manager in the engineering plastics business unit of a chemical company, where she was responsible for managing the technical customer service and ensuring products’ compliance with technical standards as well as chemicals management policy in different market sectors such as automotive, electric/electronic, food contact.

Gill Pagliuca

Gill has over 20 years of experience of working in the area of chemical hazards and regulatory information. She advises clients on UK and EU regulations covering the supply and transport of chemicals, including REACH, CLP, DSD/DPD, ADR, etc. This includes providing public and in-house training, preparation of required documents, including safety data sheets, product labels and IUCLID dossiers. She has also been involved in the development of several guidance documents for REACH and CLP implementation, and contributes regularly to a number of publications in this area.

Jennifer Butcher

Jennifer joined the REACHReady team in January 2017 and in her help desk role she provides technical advice to companies on REACH, CLP and Biocides. Jennifer’s previous experience includes a product stewardship role within the health and safety department of a carbon fibre composite manufacturer within the aerospace industry. Within this role, she worked closely with both suppliers and customers to ensure REACH compliance along the supply chain. Jennifer also holds a Master’s degree in Toxicology and Epidemiology.

Our Membership and Events team is focused on facilitating REACHReady’s seamless services, and acts as the first point of contact for prospective, Silver and Gold Subscribers.

Dawn McCaughey

Dawn joined the REACHReady team in July 2015, and is main point of contact for REACHReady events planning and coordination, including bespoke training. She has ample experience in these areas and is the Executive Assistant to the CEO’s office of REACHReady’s parent organisation.

Rachel Nabudde

Rachel Nabudde joined REACHReady in September 2015 as its Membership Advisor. Rachel is the first point of contact for REACHReady’s services activities including technical enquiries; subscription operations, recruitment and retention; Approved Service Provider relationship manager; development and bespoke training.