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Become a trusted REACHReady service provider and stand out from the crowd.

 REACHReady’s Matchmaker service

REACHReady offers a free Matchmaker service to all its subscribers, helping those businesses find reliable organisations offering the EU and UK REACH, CLP and BPR services they need. The Matchmaker process is very simple and takes just a few days from receipt of the initial enquiry:

  • A REACHReady subscriber contacts the Helpdesk with details of their particular needs, which might involve Only Representative services, legal advice, consortium management, or analytical testing (to name but a few)
  • We contact suitable organisations within our service network to see if they wish to consider the work
  • We put forward the details of those interested parties to the REACHReady member
  • We pass on the subscriber’s details to the interested service providers.

Once the match has been made, the company and the service provider are free to discuss the finer details of the work!

So how do you become part of our service network?

There are many organisations that want to help businesses with EU and UK REACH, CLP and BPR, but only the most reputable are accepted onto our service network. Our service providers deliver a comprehensive package to our subscriber businesses efficiently and economically. They are able to provide the services that companies need to comply with chemical regulations, and to explore the opportunities beyond.

All our service providers are taken through our simple approval process and, once approved, are regularly monitored to ensure a high standard of service.

If you are interested in becoming a REACHReady service provider and raising your profile with the chemicals and downstream industries, please contact us for an information pack at

Currently we are looking for companies that provide suitable services to support our subscribers with their compliance programmes. Example services are listed below, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. If you feel that you have the expertise and capability to offer our subscribers a service that will set them on the road to UK REACH and EU REACH, CLP or BPR compliance then we would love to hear from you.

Technical services

  • Performing scientific data searches
  • Performing substance grouping, (Q)SARs and read-across services
  • Conducting physico-chemical tests
  • Conducting laboratory chemical identification and characterisation
  • Evaluating chemical identification and characterisation data
  • Performing toxicological testing
  • Compiling and assessing toxicological data packages
  • Testing environmental effects and fate
  • Assessing and compiling environmental effects and fate data packages
  • Performing and reviewing environmental exposure modelling and monitoring
  • Reviewing epidemiological data and health monitoring studies
  • Assessing and compiling human health and exposure data
  • Conducting efficacy testing
  • Preparing IUCLID dossiers
  • Evaluating hazard classification and labelling
  • Preparing Chemical Safety Reports
  • Devising and evaluating Exposure Scenarios
  • Preparing Safety Data Sheets
  • Translating technical documents and Safety Data Sheets
  • Validating Registration dossier prior to Agency submission
  • Operational support for managing REACH compliance through IT systems
  • Operational support for managing CLP compliance through IT systems

Legal and commercial services

  • Conducting searches for commercial and/or legal data
  • Compiling substance use information from the supply chain
  • Providing classification systems
  • Providing third-party representation services, for example in consortia
  • Providing consortia management services
  • Providing regulatory support for Authorisation
  • Providing legal advice for consortia
  • Providing legal advice on the protection of confidential business information and intellectual property
  • Advising on alternative substances and substitution
  • Performing socio-economic analysis
  • Providing project management services

Administrative and IT services

  • Providing strategic consultancy
  • Providing “Only Representative” services
  • Preparing IUCLID dossiers
  • Providing SDS management and document delivery systems
  • Providing labelling systems
  • Designing labels and artwork
  • Acting as ‘Case owner’ in R4BP3

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