Bespoke CLP & REACH Training

Bespoke EU and UK REACH, CLP Training - tailored to your needs.

We can deliver any of our CLP and REACH training courses specifically designed for small groups of delegates as on-site workshops. We can also tailor our content to meet your own requirements, meaning you can focus on the topics that are relevant to your own business situation. Many companies use this service to deliver tailored content to specific teams within their organisation, from regulatory specialists to sales, procurement and quality.

 An on-site training session offers a closed and safe environment for the delegates and trainer to discuss aspects of compliance, the products and the activities without concerns of revealing confidential information publicly.

You can also see the current programme of our public courses on the Training section of the website, and we have put together a package of suggested Bespoke training programmes below, all of which can be tailored to your own requirements.

Our suggested REACH and CLP Training courses 



REACH – the Basics

An introduction for Manufacturers, Importers and Downstream Users new to the UK and EU REACH Regulations


REACH and CLP - the Basics

An introduction for those new to UK and EU REACH and CLP


Importing goods into the EU – managing your SVHC obligations

An introduction for importers of goods and components into the EU


Safety Data Sheet Awareness - an introduction to Hazard Awareness

 An introduction to the concepts of the SDS


Basic Concepts of Toxicology for REACH and CLP

A training day for those who want a better understanding of the toxicology involved in CLP Classification, REACH Registration or preparing an SDS

Safety Data Sheets & Exposure Scenarios

SDS awareness

SDS awareness – introducing hazard communication

An introduction to the concepts of the SDS

writing your safety data sheet

SDS awareness – writing your safety data sheet

key SDS concepts for suppliers of substances

SDS for mixtures

SDS awareness – SDS for mixtures

The key SDS concepts for formulators

writing exposure scenarious for your extended safety

Writing exposure scenarios for your extended Safety data sheet

Designed for those who are responsible for writing extended SDS for the substances they supply to formulators and other European downstream users.

receiving and extended safety data sheet

Receiving an Extended Safety Data Sheet: How to deal with Exposure Scenarios for Chemical Users

For those receiving the new extended SDS which includes the Exposure Scenario



Substance Registration


Classification, Labelling and Packaging

 If you would like to know more about the REACHReady team and their expertise then please meet the trainers. And you don’t have to take our word for it, comments from previous attendees / organisers include: