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Safety Data Sheets are a key communication document to provide information on the hazardous properties of chemical products and advice on risk management to reduce exposure to acceptable levels as well as advice on remedial action in case of accidents.

Anyone handling or supplying hazardous chemicals will already be familiar with the SDS and everyone supplying mixtures in the UK and EU 27 - from importers to formulators - needs to understand the SDS and how REACH affects it (EU/UK). For the writing SDS, getting the format correct is the easy part if following guidance, but to do this correctly, there must be an in depth knowledge of chemical safety control.

Register for this workshop to help you ensure your SDS is fit for purpose, and that you fully understand SDS provided by suppliers – and to check suppliers are providing you with appropriate details.

***This workshop will be delivered online via MS Teams and split over 2 half day sessions - am Wednesday 18th and am Thursday 19th September 2024***

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