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Our team

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  Name Job title 

Aila Bursnall Responsible Care Executive
Andrea Longley

Safety Executive
  Dallas Paternott Responsible Care and Operations Manager
  David Mitchell Senior Energy and Climate Change Executive
  David Pollard Responsible Care Executive
  Dawn McCaughey Executive Assistant - Chief Executive's Office
  Helen Ip Finance Assistant
  Ian Cranshaw Head of Business Development and International Trade
  Jenny Butcher Chemicals Executive
  Mike Lancaster Head of Events and Regional Affairs
  Nick Sturgeon Energy and Competitiveness Director

Nishma Patel Chemicals Policy Director

Pete Walters Environment and Sustainability Executive

Phil Mutero Head of Finance
  Phil Scott Director of Safety and Security
  Rachel Nabudde REACHReady Membership Advisor

Richard Woolley

 Energy and Climate Change Executive
  Roger Pullin Head of Environment and Health
  Silvia Segna REACH Executive
  Simon Marsh Employment and Communications Director
  Stephen Elliott Chief Executive