The Chemical Industry

Solutions for our future

The chemical industries touch on almost every aspect of our lives. Businesses who make chemical products and solutions are integral to around 96% of all manufactured goods. The chemical industry, as a crucial supplier to various key industries, including pharmaceuticals and food as well as aerospace and automotive, will be able to support those to tackle the biggest challenges of our time, from climate change to health to sustainability. 

Why we matter

We are looking at a population growth of one billion people between now and 2030, with 66% of the global population living in cities. Additionally, energy demand is expected to surge by 50%, while food production will need to increase by 35%. These challenges present not only obstacles but also remarkable opportunities for innovation and progress.  

The opportunity exists for employment. Our sector is very wide and varied in terms of its opportunities across various roles from finance, HR through to chemistry engineering, health and safety to apprentices and graduates. There are lots of opportunities and at the moment we provide around 1500 direct jobs to people. The indirect dependency from people who rely on our industry that’s about half a million and they are quite often in part of the country that need those jobs more.  

There is a lot of opportunity and the best way of trying to boost that profile is getting people relatively new into the industry to amplify their voices of those who are passionate about their roles within the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, we can inspire future generations and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow. 

Find out more about the value and significance of the work done in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and how the sector is setting up the world for our future generations.

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