Martin Ashcroft 2024

CIA Governance

Governance and policy areas are set by the CIA Board and Council, elected from membership. Our Board is responsible for the governance of the CIA. It has specific oversight of our finances, including the setting of our budget and financial forecasts. It also has responsibility for the remuneration of Executive Committee members.  


The Board sets the general direction of the Association, agrees annual strategic objectives and measures performance. The Board has two committees – Audit & Risk and Remuneration.  

Martin Ashcroft, Managing Director at Tata Chemicals Europe, was elected President of the CIA Board in December 2023, succeeding Tom Crotty Director at INEOS.  

CIA Board members




Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee is responsbile for the day to day management and operations of the Association and reports to the Board. CIA is led by the CIA’s Chief Executive Steve Elliott, Simon Marsh, Nishma Patel and Phil Mutero. 


Chemical Industries Association Council Members

Our Council has overall responsibility for the policy work of the Association, with oversight and monitoring of agreed operational priorities in areas such as energy/net zero, chemicals management, Responsible Care (health, safety and environment), education and employment, sustainability and communications. Membership is drawn from a number of large, medium and small-sized member companies and is chaired by the CIA President.