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The Chemical Industry

Chemistry for a better tomorrow

Underlining the importance of investment in sustainability, innovation, research and best practice, ’Chemistry for a Better Tomorrow’ showcases significant developments in careers, education, outreach programmes and STEM opportunities as well has highlighting the success stories from the next generation of chemists engineers and leaders who are building a globally-competitive science-based industry in the UK and transforming modern society. 

The chemical industry plays a pivotal role in shaping our future for the better, providing essential materials and technologies for a wide range of applications, from healthcare to renewable energy. Our industry can help us understand the world around us. From the creation of innovative products, initiatives helping sustainable development, best practice to improve health and safety and ways to encourage the next generation.  

There are a number of inspiring success stories and work taking place to address current global issues.  In this pioneering news-style programme, national newsreader, Natasha Kaplinsky, invited commentary from those at the forefront of scientific endeavour to discuss the far reaching application of the chemical industry on vital global issues including green energy, big data, the needs of an ageing population, industrial decarbonisation and energy efficient roadmaps to 2050. 

Introducing ‘Chemistry for a Better Tomorrow’

Presented by Natasha Kaplinsky, the new programme Chemistry for a Better Tomorrow explores the inspiring work taking place to address current global issues.

ITN Interview with CIA Chief Executive Stephen Elliott

In this interview Stephen Elliott, CIA Chief Executive, explains the Association’s commitment to its member companies and discusses the value and significance of the work done in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and how the sector can play it’s part in addressing global challenges.

CIA Young Ambassador and Future Forum - Encouraging a new generation into the science sector

Hallam Wheatley, the 2019/20 CIA Young Ambassador shares his career journey and perception of the industry as well as opportunities for the next generation of young talent through CIA’s young professional’s network Future Forum.

Bitrez Limited- Creating bespoke solutions

When creating food packaging there are often many elements bought together to create one product, but all have to reach set standards. Bitrez Limited is a manufacturer of specialist polymers and chemicals, working with partners to create bespoke solutions. Jonathan Gibson went to Wigan to see what goes on behind the scenes when food packaging is created.

CalaChem Limited- Developing successful careers

Small companies within the Chemical Industry can be crucial to the development of successful careers. CalaChem Limited give their employees a greater breadth of experience, helping them progress whilst also strengthening the sector. Robin Ross went to find out more.

Global MSDS- Changing the face of the chemical industry

When working with chemicals, there is always a level of risk… but when safety procedures aren’t taken seriously, trust is diminished and consequences can be potentially devastating. Global MSDS has made it their mission to change that. Duncan Golestani went to see how they’re supplying companies – big and small – with the tools to change the face of the industry.

Syngenta- Responding to the challenges of climate change

Responding to the challenges of climate change, the UK government has set a target to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Creating smarter and more environmentally sustainable farming systems to address these challenges is a priority for the sector. Syngenta is a chemical and seeds company helping to accelerate innovation to meet these needs. Paul Brennan went to find out more.