What issues do you need to consider for your own compliance and that of your supply chain?

Welcome and Introductions

Compliance issues for your organisation

Roles & responsibilities within your company

Obligations for formulators and other Downstream Users

  • receipt of updated safety data sheets
  • acting on a supplier’s exposure scenario
  • feedback to suppliers
  • worker protection
  • environmental release considerations.

Managing business impacts

  • positive and negative effects of Registration, Authorisation, Restriction
  • supplier selection, new products & new uses.

Conducting an internal audit

  • Key actions and considerations


Supply chain issues – suppliers

  • will they register or not?
  • communicating uses
  • uses not covered in their registration
  • when to switch suppliers

Supply chain issues – customers

  • how pro-active should you be?
  • responding to questionnaires
  • communication and your own SDS
  • avoiding the risk of de-selection

Conducting a supplier audit

  • what to ask, who should ask and when?
  • supplier / substance prioritisation
  • coping with sub- tier suppliers
  • can IT systems help?

Implications of getting it wrong

  • REACH authorities
  • customers
  • competitors
  • rectifying non-compliance

Q & A and Close

Who should attend?

Since 2007, formulators and other Downstream Users have been working through the complex detail of REACH legislations, often delegating responsibility for doing so to the HS&E or Regulatory Team.

But, costly mistakes are known to have been made, so:

✓ how do you check that your company is on track?

✓ how do you minimise the risk of a REACH-related supply chain failure to your business?

✓ what can you do if something goes wrong?

This REACH compliance day is aimed at business and technical managers working in the chemical using sectors. It will outline the key compliance measures that you should be taking into account in your own business – and important assurance checks to make of your suppliers.


Why attend?

Robust, audited compliance documentation is a valuable way of demonstrating that your company is complying with both the legalities and spirit of REACH in the UK and EU 27 member states.

This workshop will outline the essentials of a REACH gap analysis and compliance strategy that will help you:

✓ identify if you are doing all you can to comply

✓ recognise where business risks are likely to occur and how to minimise them

✓ decide if conducting an internal or supplier audit is right for your business.

The practical implications of the UK withdrawal from the EU will be discussed throughout the day.


Next Steps

To find out more about REACHReady’s bespoke training, and to discuss your specific requirements, please call us on 0207 901 1444 or e-mail events@reachready.co.uk 

Supporting documents

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